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Build A Brand

Learn how to build a successful online personal brand from the full-time travel couple "World Nate & Intrepid Introvert".

Gain Influence

Leverage social media to build a following & gain influence within your niche.

Sell Products Online

Learn how to partner with companies and sell products online.

Meet Your Hosts:

Nathan and Hannah are the two founders of Wired Creatives. This engaged duo are in their late twenties from New Zealand and have been traveling the world while working from their laptops for 5 years! They've been running their blogs, social medias, and digital marketing company while traveling through countries like Indonesia, Philippines, Colombia, Canada, Austria, France, Pakistan and the list goes on. Over the years they've been able to build up a large social media following due to their respective personal brands; World Nate and Intrepid Introvert and have worked with many travel, clothing and lifestyle brands to promote their products and services. They have sold millions of dollars of products and services through social media advertising and started Wired Creatives to pass their knowledge on to you.

What we will be sharing with you:

Bring a pen & paper as this will be an action packed call full of actionable steps you can implement today.

What will I learn
  • How our brands "World Nate" & "Intrepid Introvert" funds out life of full-time travel.

  • How to establish a profitable brand of your own using social media.

  • 10+ examples of individuals who have created successful online brands and businesses in various industries.

  • How to grow your first 1000+ followers in the next 90 days and why you should.

  • How to sell products through brand partnerships, products, & online services.

    Why are you doing this
    • "I started 'World Nate' because I wanted to travel the world. With over 90k Instagram followers, 270k Facebook fans, & 5+ years of full-time travel. I now realise how POWERFUL a personal brand can be."

      ~ Nate

    Who is this for
    • If you have ever wondered how people sell products online, make brand deals through Instagram & gain thousands of followers as they travel the world. Then come along!

    What our students are saying

    We feel it's our duty to give back. We have helped many individuals achieve great success online. Here are just a few examples:

    "I learnt more from you guys in one session than I learnt in three years doing a business degree in marketing."

    Karolyn Timarkos

    Tauranga, New Zealand

    "Huge shoutout to Hannah and Nate for creating Wired Creatives and an even bigger thanks to them for helping me take the leap and create my own brand so I can follow my dreams and travel the world FULL TIME. Honestly, I always wondered how others were able to travel when they want and where they want while making money at the same time.

    Not only did Wired Creatives teach me how that is possible, but the community has been so inspiring and helpful throughout this new journey of mine! Thanks Hannah and Nate - I couldn't have done it without you!"


    New Jersey, USA

    "After the course and following each step, I had more than 4000 likes on my Facebook page, have a small email list of 50 people and enough clients for 3 months. Not bad! By the way I travel full time now! I am in Montreal right now, and heading to Europe next week!"

    Moe B

    QC, Canada

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