Ex-Broker Embraces the Digital World & A Life of Full-time Travel

Not everyone wants to travel the world while working from the locations they visit. But for some, this is an absolute dream.

... And for the Wired Creative, Mo Benhammou, this is a dream come true!

He dove head first into social media, applying exactly what we teach inside Wired Creatives. He has since locked down enough clients for months to come and decided to pack his things into a suitcase and book a one-way ticket to Europe!

“You guys helped me a lot to build my consulting business! The course is delivered in a way that it’s easy to follow and it allowed me to quit my job and work on my business full time.”

Moe sent us a very cool video testimonial, which you can check out here:

His social media accounts are doing great also!

After the course and following each step, I had more than 4000 likes on my Facebook page, have a small email list of 50 people and enough clients for 3 months. Not bad! By the way I travel full time now! :) I am in Montreal right now, and heading to Europe next week!”

Moe is the true legend of this story.

Wired Creatives is open and available for anyone to join. He put in the time, and work to go through our training courses and make this work for him.

Go checkout his work:

You can join Mo and thousands of other creatives inside our Wired Creatives Community right here: http://wiredcreatives.com

Take your time, go through the courses we provide, and soon you may want to ditch the 9-5, just as Mo did!

Co-Founder, Wired Creatives

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She ditched the 9-5 office job to start her own Marketing Company

"Marketing was a new-found passion of mine that I discovered in college. After graduating, I went straight into working a 9-5 office job. Within two years, I was burnt out and found myself wishing I had not started this lifestyle at such a young age.

I remember thinking I have so much potential, creativity, and passion for what I do, and I was stuck in a small business with two other employees who were twice my age. I tried to convince myself I knew work is not always fun, but I found myself seeing friends going to happy hours or Instagram influencers promoting and traveling the world. I remember thinking I was miserable with where I was at with my life compared to everyone else.

This past January I started absorbing all the information that Wired Creatives provided me with, and I could not have been more awestruck by everything I was learning. The freedom, the ability to work remote, and the flexible hours were all very attractive. Eventually, after months of doubting myself and my ability to branch off on my own, I gained the courage through Wired Creatives to start my own freelance marketing company.

It was very scary thinking about leaving the security of this job, but as it turns out, it was not as terrifying as I made it seem to be in my head. Now, I work completely remote, and best of all, I still do all the marketing for the small business I was working at in the past! Along with that, I have taken on three new clients in the span of a couple months.

Without Wired Creatives I don't think I would have ever gained the courage to begin my journey of becoming a freelance marketer."

~ Catherine Daus

Connect with Catherine: https://www.dausdigital.com/

Location Independence Was The Goal

"Hannah and Nate have been the absolute crux of my big steps for almost two years now. My passion is to travel, but I need money. When I saw them doing both full time I thought 'they're living the life that I'd love to' but I didn't think it was possible for me to achieve it. But then I signed up to their Wired Creatives membership and wow, did I learn a lot."

"I created a blog and other social media platforms and now have about 12,000 followers. Through learning from their techniques and their own journey, I have been able to network and discover a whole new digital world.

I now work remotely full time from my laptop and am completely location independent. All I need is a power point and the internet. I live on one way tickets and it's always exciting with where I'll be next month.

Without Nate and Hannah, I wouldn't be where I am right now! They are the real deal and so glad I signed up. Han and I now chat and she keeps me motivated with my journey!"

~ Tracey Best

Follow Tracey Here: https://www.askteetravel.com/blog/

2 Hour Commute vs Work From Home?

"I was scared to make the jump from my full-time office job to freelancing, but Hannah & Nathan helped me feel prepared and motivated me to finally do it! I was able to leave my 2 hour commute and desk job behind to begin freelancing about one year ago!

I now get to make my own hours, work with some amazing clients, do what I love and travel more! Nathan & Hannah really helped prepare me for the move with their awesome video content, tutorials and other resources. I felt confident enough in my abilities to start my own agency and now get to work from home or wherever I please!" ~ Maddy Washburn

Follow Maddy Here: http://www.instagram.com/mmaaddzz

Michelle Embraces Full-Time Travel

"Huge shoutout to Hannah and Nate for creating BCD and an even bigger thanks to them for helping me take the leap and create my own brand so I can follow my dreams and travel the world FULL TIME. Honestly, I always wondered how others were able to travel when they want and where they want while making money at the same time.

Not only did BCD teach me how that is possible, but the Behind Closed Doors community has been so inspiring and helpful throughout this new journey of mine! Thanks Hannah and Nate - I couldn't have done it without you!" ~ Michelle

Follow Michelle: https://www.instagram.com/worldly_explorer

Wellness programs for corporates - Making ergonomics more accessible

Well I have to admit I was a little curious about what our next success story actual did as I’m not that familiar with the word ergonomist! Turns out that people who visit Kirsty’s website have the same question!

“What on earth is an ergonomist, I hear you ask? The use of computers and rapidly changing technology in the modern workplace is driving the way we work and interact with the world. My job is to teach you how to do this in the most efficient and productive way whilst also minimising injury and discomfort.” http://thetravellingergonomist.com/about-me/

By combining her passions for optimum human wellbeing with the foundation skills to build an online business Kirsty is well on the way to achieving her main goals. “I develop wellness programs for corporates but one of my main goals is to reach the masses, make ergonomics more easily accessible and interesting to people. Alongside travelling the world.”

This got me thinking… about how ergonomics and business are similar in that they’re about managing systems for optimum performance. If we move, are proactive and make adjustments when necessary we should be good…. Right Kirsty?

After fully committing to implementing our tutorials and teaching she took a leap of faith but it wasn’t without its ups and downs. So in February I quit my corporate job (well paid, lots of perks, travel) to start my own ergonomic consulting business. It's been 4 months of highs, lows and what the hell am I doing. However I'm currently in a hotel room in Michigan in the US for two weeks work which will lead to more work in Europe in Q3/Q4 of this year.”

"Hannah, Nate, thanks for keeping it real throughout. You are obviously living an incredible life that many of us aspire to have, but you present it in a way that makes it attainable for others to follow suit."

Inside our Wired Creatives Community you’ll find thousands of like-minded people, inspired to create a new and empowering future for themselves and their families.Want to be one of them? http://wiredcreatives.com

Jessie (now a blogger) Travels With Her "Media Donkey"

"Okay wow. So I saw this little ad on Facebook about this cool guy from NZ and his lovely Mrs. (very soon to be officially). They had quit their jobs (him a plumber, her an accounted with a degree), because their jobs just weren't fulfilling their potential or lives anymore.

Hannah and Nate sucked me back into the reality world. I was so unhappy and miserable in my life. I had the degree and the corporate job too but I actually didn't want it... I wanted ADVENTURE! I'd forgotten so much about myself and the person I was when I was younger and these 2 gave me the confidence to channel that 'who do you want to be?' energy into a blog.

What's a blog? Haha! I'd never even realised that was a thing. Literally living under a rock for the last 3-4 years forgetting there's a big world out there!

Listen... Do you hear it calling? So I currently write this testimonial with a big inner smile!!!! Nate & Hannah thank you for opening the door to the web world of blogging. Your resources helped me start a blog, taught me the basics in content writing and just gave me so much confidence to really run with this.

I've spent the last 7 months travelling in Australia with my partner (he's my media donkey). Ive been redefining my self as well as redesigning my blog and really building up the foundations on it. I've got a long way to go, but your story inspired me. Thanks to you guys, I know I just have to believe in it and immerse myself in every way possible.

I hope you have an amazing wedding filled with lots of love and eternal happiness! And hopefully one day we might pass on the street in a foreign country in a other time and I'll stop you, be all weird for a bit and then we'll go get a drink and I'll buy you a drink (or a round of shots?) to say thank you.

Thank you so much for just being honest, cool and inspiring."

~ Jessie. Blog https://jessies-escape.com